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Repair Services

Yes! We repair all kinds of stereo gear.

The bulk of the equipment we sell is pre-owned and vintage. Most items can be repaired to like new condition and in some cases better than original as technology has changed and replacement parts are often better than the original parts.

Things we do NOT repair: Home theater receivers, CD players, Reel to Reel decks, cassette decks and sub-woofers. 

Repair pick and drop off hours: Items can be picked up or dropped off anytime during our regular showroom hours on Friday from Noon to 6 pm and Saturday from Noon to 4 pm. If those times don't work for you, we'd be happy to make another time during the week work. Just give us a call or email in advance and let us know what time and day work best for you. 

Repair Information

Stereo Receivers and Amplifiers

Vintage stereo receivers and amplifiers can suffer from the following issues: Noisy controls, intermittent channel drop out, low power output, electronic hum and buzzing noises, sticky controls, burned out lights and more. These are repairable issues and are largely the result of dirty, oxidized or failing components. Most worn components can be replaced with modern, improved components. The key is good troubleshooting and getting to the heart of the problem rather than just taking a shot gun approach and needlessly replacing everything. 


Turntables require occasional maintenance. Speed issues, poor sound quality, poor tracking, channel drop out, hum and other noises are all things that can be dealt with. Older tables need to have their controls, switches and  mechanics cleaned. Belts can stretch and break. Needles wear out. Certain parts require special lubrication. All of these things are typical issues that need to be addressed. 


Yes! Speakers can be repaired. Woofer edges or surrounds that have deteriorated can be replaced. Most any part of a speaker can be repaired or replaced. The internal electronics of speakers can be upgraded and improved. Upgrading the internal crossover of speakers can make a major improvement. We've been pleasantly surprised and often amazed at how much better speakers can sound with updated crossovers. Speaker grills and cabinets can be recovered to look like new.

 Custom Work

 Speaker design and building. We can build specialty speakers designed to your specifications or from available build plans. Finishes are available to match your decor and taste.